System Gas was founded in 1995 by the partners Sauro Bompani and Paolo Giannasi. Since then they developed a company able to offer products and services focused on the methan gas, GPL and fluids distribution.


Thanks to the long experience in the industrial and in the civil sector, proved by the strong relationships with the major gas distribution companies, and thanks to the reliability, testified by the number and quality of customers, System Gas is able to provide services and products for every need, from planning to realization, to the spare parts sales, and, not least, to the service of assistance and maintenance.

System Gas also provides advanced software and mechanical solutions (ie: remote control systems, measurement systems, accounting consumptions and payments, seismic safety systems and detection of gas leaks).

Innovation is part itself of the business philosophy: System Gas applies the most modern planning systems to the traditional, renewable and alternative energy fields.


Each activity of System Gas is done according to the sectors standard norms: the company is certified EN ISO 9001 Cermet, it is recognized by the Chamber of Commerce as Metric Repairer, it makes maintenance according to UNI CIG 9571 and 10702 norms; it makes cathodic protection systems, it makes systems in accordance to the PED 97/23/CE directive.


System Gas was born from the meeting of two professional people who were able to capture the evolution of the industrial sector and create over the years an established company in expansion nationally and internationally.
The two founders, Sauro Bompani e Paolo Giannasii, met during the 90’s while working together for a company leader in the field of the reduction of natural gas systems in northern and central Italy.

Paolo joined that company already in 1985, first as an installation technician, then he became the Fiscal Measures Department Manager: he had the opportunity to directly follow the evolution of the Fiscal gas measurement in Italy, from the first use of mechanical devices (Venturi measurement systems over 2 meters tall …) up to today’s systems for remote reading and data managing. In a market that was virgin at the time, the company expanded. It was at this juncture that Sauro came in as a technician: its cosmopolitan spirit made him gladly accept experiences in foreign sites, leading him to several intercontinental journeys.
After the closure of the company, Sauro and Paolo came to believe that their paths had not crossed by chance and that they would carry on the work they successfully did: thus, they decided to give life to System Gas which was bo rn on October 5th, 1995, first as a small reality based in Sauro’house (later they moved to the offices in Sassuolo and took the first employee in 1998).
The manufacturers of equipments (Tartarini and Instromet) believed in the idea of Paolo and Sauro entrusting to System Gas the maintenance service and the commercialization of their products; even the Società Petrolifera Italiana and Italgas had confidence in the project and entrusted to System Gas the measures on oil wells and the control of gas distribution cabins respectively, in different Italian regions.
In 1997, following the ministerial order which regulated all fiscal measures of gas, System Gas Operator became Metric Operator.
Being consolidated the fiscal measurement service already offered before founding System Gas, with the new business they were able to improve and optimize the functions of gas reduction and connections to networks, getting to follow all the phases of the project, from the request to Snam Rete Gas, up to the complete system (first complete system in 2002).
Today System Gas is an established company in the supply of gas decompression, measure and odorization systems (connected to the national network Snam Rete Gas and Italgas) and in the gas distribution in cities networks, industrial and petrochemical centers, natural gas distributors for autotration.
With over 900 customers (including more than 1/3 with a maintenance contract), System Gas has reached a turnover of 2 million euro per year.


Celebrated with all the technical staff in Vienna in September ’15 20 years of System Gas


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